Cambridge DX Hackfest

Like @ebassi and many others, I'm here at the DX Hackfest in Cambridge. Thanks Collabora for hosting us in your lovely office!

It's a bit cold for a laid-back hippy Californian like me, but good beer fixes that.

Lots to update you all on, and I hope to get to that soon as I collect my thoughts. But in the mean time, there is about 20 hours left on the crowdfunding campaign. As I write this, we are at 46k. That means only 4k more to get external hardware support and a graphical debugger!

My primary goal for this hackfest is to start solidifying the designs around LibIDE, which will implement the core IDE features underneath Builder. It is sort of a meta-layer above tools like autotools, clang, hardware devices, debuggers, profilers, and such.

Lots to do, more updates soon :)

-- Christian Hergert 2015-01-26

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